Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"To Infinity and Beyond!"

Pack 91 held their 1st Space Derby this year. We had 12 Astronauts/Cub Scouts participate!

There was a whole lot of learning going on today, as mentioned above, this was the 1st (as far as I know and for as long as these boys, Tiger Cubs to Webelos, have been attending Cub Scouts with this Pack!) The leaders had to figure out the best way to run this whole race-from how many turns of the rubber bands to the double elimination charts, with a whole lot of room for errors! (Those pesky rubberbands liked to Break and the rotors on the space crafts could do some serious damage to fingers caught in the way!)

Then the Races were ON!

The boys had a blast, nothing like a bit of competition and commaraderie!

And the Winners Are:

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